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The Uses of Citronella and Lemon Grass – edulissy

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The Uses of Citronella and Lemon Grass

The Uses of Citronella and Lemon Grass

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Both Citronella and Lemon Grass are grass herbs with very useful natural content if extracted and refined this can be used as an active ingredient in various products. Some types or lemon grass are preserved and powdered for medicinal variety purposes.

Lemon Grass of most types is known to have a wide variety and usefulness it can be use as a therapeutic herb, it can also be included in various dishes as flavoring or as one of the main ingredients in many recipe in Thailand and other Asian countries and it is also a good medicinal ingredients that can be recommended by medical professionals for common skin and other diseases. Because of the wide variety and functionality of this grass some also use it for drugs and illegal drugs, otherpesticide manufacturer companies also include some types of lemon grass for a good smell of their products it is also popularly known for its good use as an insect repellant.

Some of the most popular type of Lemon grass is East Indian Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Flexousus) most popularly known as Malabar or Cochin that is also popular in China it is used and cultured as a traditional herbal medicine included in some varieties of plants. In other Asian countries In India, Indonesia and Vietnam this grass is widely used for a wide variety of delicacies. West Indian Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Citratus/Citriodora) is probably one of the most popular lemon grass around the world because most of its part can be use and it can also grow in different weather conditions. Australian Lemon Grass Cymbopogon Ambiguous) is another popular type of lemon grass it grows mostly through Australian region, the smell of this grass is like a lemon it can also be a good grass for landscape beautification unlike other types of lemon grass.

Generally most types of Lemon Grass and its oil extract has its own purpose particularly in treating rheumatism, fever, coughs and cold, stomach and head ache, high blood pressure and other diseases. It can also be used in beauty products, cosmetics, soap, whitening astringent and aroma therapeutic products, while in food and drinks it is a part of flavoring and antioxidant and internally it is a cure for diarrhea, gas, bowel spasms and others. Externally it is processed as balm and oil for cure of acne, athlete’s foot, body pain through massage and rubbing in affected areas. Lemon Grass of all types is known for its natural ingredients but the processed products should be taken with proper caution or with the guidance of medical professionals when used regularly. Processed products such as oil can cause irritation and allergy especially for childrenwhile internal intakes if not used with right dosages may cause side effects.

Citronella almost has the same uses like lemon grass its oil has a colorless or light yellow colored liquid particularly it is popular as an active ingredients as an insect repellant. Citronella can also be used as ingredients in soap that create a warm and fragrant feeling of sensationwhile most perfume use Java Citronella for added variety of smell it can also be used as a whitening agent that can beautify the skin and help reduce oil production. Citronella is also used for aromatherapy candle with a sweet smell when lighted, while its oil has a very good variety of function it can also be used as a therapeutic massage that can cure headache, muscle pains and headache. Citronella is usually used for external purposeonly and it may be harmful if swallowed, it is also flammable and most of its processed products are poisonous.

It is a good to have medicinal plants like Citronella and Lemon Grass. Lemon Grass is very easy to grow in the backyard you can find it in your local grocery store or you can also plant the actual fresh grass from other places just cut some good leaves simply cultivate a small part of soil and dig at least a few inches just enough for the roots to stand and that’s it simply water the plant regularly just like the usual plant and watch it grow but it may not spread thoroughly in a cold places. Citronella is also easy to grow dig a deeper part of the soil and remove some of the dried leaves this does not require so much of your attention in order to grow a constant waterand sunrays is enough. As expected it should not be frosted or it may die, is it recommended that you transfer the plant before fall so it can survive and return back again after the season.


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