Programming Project 8 SOlution



: Mortgage Loan or Car Loan with class interface

You must use Constructors and Destructors with

messages for the project 8. Using program 13-15 in the section 13.14 as sample, apply menu and class interface to do (the programming challenge) Problem 15 in page 807 (edition 8) which is for the mortgage payment or car loan payment.


You must code “Object Oriented Programming” with class specification (.h) class implementation (.cpp), and main () function..

a. For instances – Car Loan:

Example (1) 5 years, $45000 car loan including tax and fee, And annual interest rate: 6%

Example (2) 6 years, $30000 car loan including tax and fee, And annual interest rate: 5%

If you have a car loan or mortgage loan, check this out to see if your payment is correct.

(No need to do the following: Your actual monthly payment will include Insurance premium and property tax escrow if it is for mortgage.)

b. Use menu options to input data or display the various output and monthly payment month by month.

You need to display monthly payment, monthly interest, monthly principle payment, and monthly balance for all months during the loan period.

Anything not mentioned in this assignment, you are free to do whatever you desire. No need to ask questions. Do your own good output design and be a grown up programmer now.

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