Lab 2b: MPI Java Programming Solution




1. Purpose

This lab is intended to help you practice MPI Java. You are to code and run an MPI Java program that includes MPI.COMM_WORLD.Send( ) and MPI.COMM_WORLD.Recv( )

  1. Statement of Work

    1. Code an MPI java program that executes the following square root computation:

      • rank 0: creates an array of 100 “double” elements, (say, dArray[100]); sends dArray[25] through to dArray[49] to rank 1, dArray[50] through to dArray[74] rank 2, and dArray[75] through to dArray[99] to rank3. Then, it locally computes “sqrt” of dArray[0] through to dArray[24]; and finally receives the results from the other ranks. Use MPI.COMM_WORLD.Send( ) and MPI.COMM_WORLD.Recv( ) to send and receive an array with a remote rank. (Don’t try to communicate with rank0 itself, which hangs up communication.) At the very end, print out all array elements.

      • other ranks: create an array of 25 “double” elements, (say, dArray[25]); receive data in dArray[0] through to dArray[24] from rank 0. Locally computes “sqrt” of all the array elements; and finally send the results to rank 0. Use MPI.COMM_WORLD.Recv( ) and MPI.COMM_WORLD.Send( ) to receive from and send an array to rank 0.

    1. Make sure that you have set up your MPI execution envrionment first.

    1. Compile and run your MPI java program by typing:


prunjava 4 MyProgram

NOTE: You may have to use the suggested script not_prunjava from lab2a

  1. Related Material

    • The MPI slides

    • For details of MPI Java, refer to the following tutorial and specification.



  1. What to Turn in

Turn in the following materials in Canvas by the specified due date.

  1. Your MPI java program, (i.e.,

  1. Your execution output, (i.e., output.txt)

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