Assignment: 1 Solution



Lab 1

1. Write small c programs.

a). The first program “pre.c” should read in a list of U.S. states and their populations.

You can google to find the information. To be simple, you can use the abbreviation for

each state. We assume there are at most 10 states in the list. Enter the inputs through

the keyboard and display the output on the screen. The input ends when an EOF (generated

by Ctrl-D) is encountered. The output of the program should display the states whose population

is above 10 million.

For example, the following are the inputs to “pre.c”. The unit is million.

TX 26

NC 9

MD 5

NY 19

CA 38

Ctrl-D (press the keys to terminate the inputs.)

Then “pre.c” produces the output:




Note: an EOF is usually ‘sent’ to a process by hitting a CTRL_D.

If you type stty -a on your unix command line, you can get info that

tells you which keyboard keys mean what. FYI, in c, to put values to

standard_out use printf(). To get values from standard_in use scanf()

or getchar().

b). The second program “sort.c” reads in a list of state abbreviations from stdin and

display them in alphabetical order on the screen. Assume there are no more than 10 states

and the sequence is read until you press Ctrl-D which generates an EOF.

If the inputs are:




Ctrl-D (press the keys to terminate the inputs.)

The outputs should be:




2. Write a c program to set up a child-TO-parent pipe; the child

should ‘exec’ to perform the “pre” process from the above and its output

should be connected to the pipe connected to the parent, which should ‘exec’

to perform the “sort” process from the above.

3. Write a program to take a UNIX command from the command line

and fork() a child to execute it. The command can be a simple

command like: $ls or $ps, or it can be a command with options such as

$ls -t -l. Use argc and argv[] in the main function to pass parameters.

When the child process is executing the command, the parent process

simply waits for the termination of the child process. The process

id of the parent and the child should be printed out using getpid() and

getppid() functions.


In order not to lose any files, you’d better zip all your files into a .zip file.

Submit your project to TRACS before the deadline. Homework will NOT be accepted through emails.

You should write a readme textfile telling the grader how to run your programs. Without this file,

it is very likely that your project will not be run properly.

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