Reverse Polish (HP) Style Calculator – Part 4 Solution




The purpose of this assignment is to convert the prototype Reverse Polish Notation calculator created in Topic 6 into a final product.

In the workplace, completing projects started by other is commonplace. Therefore, the final step of this project will be executed using files created by one of your classmates. The instructor will provide you with the files submitted by one of your classmates. Use these files to complete the final phase of the project.

·         Using the provided source code from your classmate, complete the following program modifications and documentation.

o   Change the stack size to 10.

o   Instead of displaying only the top item in the stack, use 10 text boxes stacked one on top of the other to display all items in the stack, with the top item on the top.

o   Add at least four additional function buttons that you think are important for a personal business calculator. Examples include such as x^y, log, etc.

o   Convert the project to use package named edu.gcu.yourlastname.yourfirstname.rpn

o   Generate javadoc HTML documentation.

o   Use the same zip program used in Topic 2 to package all the source code of the package and HTML files. Name the file

o   Write release notes according to the “Programming Project Documentation” included in the Topic Materials, and name the file ReleaseNotes.doc

·         After thoroughly testing the program, submit the, and ReleaseNotes.doc files to the instructor.

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