Task#05 PHP, MySQL Solution


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Download the attached script named university.sql. The database contains a table named student having the following attributes:

Figure 1: Student table

Create another table in the same database and name it Courses having the attributes course_code, course_name and credit_hours. You need to enroll the students in courses, you can create additional table(s) if needed. A single student can be enrolled in multiple courses and a single course can have multiple students.

Create a webpage using which a user can enter a new course in the Courses table. Create another page where a student can be enrolled in the available courses. All of the courses that are in the Courses table should be shown on this page. The courses that a student is enrolled in should be shown in a separate section than those that he/she is not enrolled in. Your webpage should look like the page shown in the following figure:

Figure 2: Course Registration/Enrolment


You should submit the webpages (php files) as well as the sql file of the database.

The code shown to you during the lab can be downloaded from slate (Resources-> university_p1.zip)

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