Project Final Presentation & Demo Solution



The project nal presentation and demo will take place during the last Lab session of the semester (Week 15 ). Each team will have 10 minutes to give a short presentation of the project and to show a working demo with the most important features. You should allow some time for questions.

The presentation should contain the following:

System description (what system did you build)

Use-case description (what are the most important interactions between a user and the sys-tem)

E/R diagram

Relational schema

Implementation details (what DB did you use; how did you build the interface; etc.)

For the demo, try to come up with a usage scenario that shows the most important features of the system. Have some data on which the queries can run and produce interesting results, while the modi cation operations should be meaningful.

Try to organize your presentation in such a way that it ts in the allocated time slot and make it interesting. As a suggestion, the presentation should take 3 minutes, the demo 5 minutes, while the rest is dedicated to questions. Part of the evaluation will be based on the conciseness and time-e ectiveness of your presentation.

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