Project 2 Dart Adventure Solution




Become more comfortable in Flutter development by learning the Dart programming language. Build a simple Dart console program to practice the development workflow, exercise the Dart toolchain, and to explore the features of the language.

Learning Outcomes

1. Identify the Dart documentation as the official source of information about the Dart language. (MLO 1)

2. Describe the role of the programming language in the context of a mobile software development toolchain. (MLO 2)

3. Define programming language features drawn from procedural, object-oriented and functional paradigms. (MLO 3)

4. Apply the Dart programming language to meet the requirements of a simple functional specification. (MLO 4)

5. Identify opportunities to apply refactoring to improve the quality of code (MLO 5).

## What you must do

* Print a greeting including the name of the planetary system and the number of planets in the system.

* Prompt the user to enter their name.

* Echo back the user’s name.

* Prompt the user to make a choice about traveling to a random planet or not.

* Re-prompt the user repeatedly until they enter Y or N.

* Select a random planet and print its name and description when the user chooses to travel to a random planet.

* Prompt the user to enter the name of a planet to travel to, if they chose not to travel to a random planet.

* Display the name and description of the planet that the user specified.

* Handle the case where the user enters the name of a planet that is not in the data file.

* Terminates execution at the end of the above interaction.

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