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The first programming project involves writing a program that evaluates infix expressions of unsigned integers using two stacks. The program should consist of three classes. The main class should create a GUI that allows the user input an infix expression and displays the result. The GUI should look as follows:

The GUI must be generated by code that you write. You may not use a drag-and-drop GUI generator.

The second class should contain the code to perform the infix expression evaluation. The pseudocode for performing that evaluation is shown below:

tokenize the string containing the expression while there are more tokens

get the next token

if it is an operand

push it onto the operand stack else if it is a left parenthesis

push it onto the operator stack else if it is a right parenthesis

while top of the operator stack not a left parenthesis pop two operands and an operator

perform the calculation

push the result onto the operand stack else if it is an operator

while the operator stack is not empty and

the operator at the top of the stack has higher or the same precedence than the current operator pop two operands and perform the calculation push the result onto the operand stack

push the current operator on the operators stack while the operator stack is not empty

pop two operands and an operator

perform the calculation

push the result onto the operand stack

the final result is a the top of the operand stack


Be sure to add any additional methods needed to eliminate any duplication of code.

Your program is only expected to perform correctly on syntactically correct infix expressions that contain integer operands and the four arithmetic operators + – * /. It should not, however, require spaces between tokens. The usual precedence rules apply. The division performed should be integer division. A check should be made for division by zero. Should the expression contain division by zero, a checked exception DivideByZero should be thrown by the method that performs the evaluation and caught in the main class, where a JOptionPane window should be displayed containing an error message.

You are to submit two files.

  1. The first is a .zip file that contains all the source code for the project, which includes any code that was provided. The .zip file should contain only source code and nothing else, which means only the .java files. If you elect to use a package the .java files should be in a folder whose name is the package name.

  1. The second is a Word document (PDF or RTF is also acceptable) that contains the documentation for the project, which should include the following:

    1. A UML class diagram that includes all classes you wrote. Do not include predefined classes. You need only include the class name for each individual class, not the variables or methods

    1. A test plan that includes test cases that you have created indicating what aspects of the program each one is testing

    1. A short paragraph on lessons learned from the project

Grading Rubric:



Does Not Meet

5 points

0 points

GUI is hand coded and matches

GUI is generated by a GUI

required design (1)

generator or does not match

required design (0)


Supplied algorithm is used (1)

Supplied algorithm is not used (0)

Code duplication is eliminated (1)

Contains duplicated code (0)

Contains separate class for

Does not contain separate class

expression evaluation (1)

for expression evaluation (0)

Contains checked exception class (1)

Does not contain checked

exception class (0)

10 points

0 points


Produces correct value for all

Does not produce correct value


for some operators (0)

Correctly parses expressions without

Does not correctly parse

space delimiters (2)

expressions without space


delimiters (0)

Correctly implements precedence

Does not correctly implement


precedence (0)

Correctly evaluates parenthesized

Does not correctly evaluate

expressions (2)

parenthesized expressions (0)

Detects division by zero (1)

Does not detect division by zero


5 points

0 points

All operators included in test cases

Some operators not included in


test cases (0)

Test cases include expressions

Test cases don’t include

Test Cases

without spaces (1)

expressions without spaces (0)

Test cases include cases to test

Test cases do not include cases to

precedence (1)

test precedence (0)

Test cases include cases with

Test cases do not include cases

parentheses (1)

with parentheses (0)

Test cases include a case to test

Test cases do not include a case

division by zero (1)

to test division by zero (0)

5 points

0 points

Correct UML diagram included (2)

Correct UML diagram not


included (0)

Lessons learned included (2)

Lessons learned not included (0)

Comment blocks with class

Comment blocks with class

description included with each class

description not included with


each class (0)

Overall Score


Does not meet

16 or more



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