Project 01 Solution


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Assignment submission will be via Vocareum. You will receive an invitation e-mail to sign up for this course. You will view and submit all your assignments on this platform.

You can only submit files that you were asked, more or less submission will not be graded. You can submit multiple times, but only the last submission counts. Also, there is no makeup for late submissions. So please remember submitting your work on time.

You can read tutorials of Vocareum here (link).


All assignments will be provided with Jupyter Notebook(link). You are recommended to installing Jupyter using Anaconda (downloading Anaconda’s latest Python 3 version).

On Vocareum there is a sandbox in python3 (version: 3.6.4). Your program will be tested on the sandbox. Make sure you have the correct version installed. You will also need following python packages:

  • Numpy (1.13.1)

  • Scipy (0.19.1)

  • Matplotlib (2.0.2)

  • Pandas (0.20.3)

It’s ok if you have a newer version of python or libraries, just make sure your program works well in the environment stated.

Please do not import packages that are not listed in the provided scripts. Follow the instructions in each section strictly to code up your solutions. DO NOT CHANGE THE OUTPUT FORMAT. DO NOT MODIFY THE CODE UNLESS WE INSTRUCT YOU TO DO SO. A homework solution that mismatches the provided setup, such as format, name initializations, etc., will not be graded. It is your responsibility to make sure that your code runs well on Vocareum.

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