Midterm Exam Solution


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The Office of Student Life of the university has hired you to design a mobile app to help students ease their frustrations when it is time to register for classes.

Below is a list of features that your client would like to include in the app:

Generate up to 50 schedules that fit your classes

Filters to tailor the schedule to your life such as focusing on late classes, minimizing gaps, and even input your work schedule and meeting times

Port your created schedule to Google Calendar with the click of a button

Follow classes and receive a notification when a spot opens up

Task 1: Create a user story for each of the feature mentioned in the list above.

Task 2: For each of the user stories from Task 1, list the following use case information:

Name Actors

Entry Condition Exit Condition Event Flow

Task 3: Create a UML use-case diagram for this app. There should be only one diagram that includes all the use cases described.

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