Lab 7 Call By Reference and Return Values from Function Solution



Rules: Your code must use C Language and can be compiled with gcc compiler. If your program shows a compilation error or segmentation fault, you get a zero credit for this assignment. If you turned in a corrupted or unreadable file, you get a zero. You have to make sure your program works properly on the cslinux machine.

Problem Description:

I have provide a c file named findMax.c. Please carefully read the comments in this source file regarding what to do. Then you have to implement two functions, myMax1() and myMax2() with their signatures having already been defined. You cannot change their signatures I have provided. After write your functions, you have to call each function once in the section commented as TODO. After you complete your program, the output should looks like the following.

The max number returned by myMax1 in array a is 24

The max number returned by myMax2 in array a is 24


Submission: wrap up your c file into a single zip file. Name your zip file as last + firstinitial + For example, if your legal name is Will Smith, you should name your zip file as

Please submit your single zip file on EWU Canvas by following CSCD240-01 Course Assignmentslab7 Submit Assignment to upload your single zip file.

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