Lab 2 Solution


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The object of this lab is to become more familiar with the unix development


Step 1: Go through the gdb tutorial


Step 2: After completing the gdb tutorial, use a text editor and create own

gdb quick reference sheet called mygdb.txt

Step 3: Go through the makefile tutorial


Step 4: Fix app.cpp (in the lab files)

The file app.cpp doesn’t compile or run correctly. Fix the compilation errors

and then use gdb to find the defect in the code and fix it.

Step 5: Create lab2.txt and enter all of the bugs that you fixed.

Step 6: Create a makefile to compile app.cpp

Step 7: Create a tar file with the app.cpp and lab2.txt in it. You create a tar

file like this:

tar cvf lab02.tar app.cpp lab2.txt

After running this command you will see lab02.tar in your directory.

Step 7: Use turnin to submit lab02.tar.

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