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In this lab you will be developing functional and non-functional requirements for a system that already exists and you are familiar with: Canvas. You are required to work in groups of 3 or 4 students, and only need to submit one file per group. Make sure to include everyone’s name on the assignment.


Work with your group to think of as many requirements as you can for the online classroom management system Canvas. Organize these requirements into a word document as best as you can, trying to keep similar requirements together. Remember to include both Functional and Non-Functional requirements in your list. Refer to the slides for the video about Requirements for more help with identifying requirements (available on Canvas under Files->Video_Slides).

Functional requirements must be written as a user story. User stories include three parts: The user role, the action, and the benefit. Remember that user stories are simple sentences, as each action should be its own user story. Do not combine related user stories into one complicated requirement.

Non-functional requirements are not written as user stories, but should still be fairly simple sentences (i.e. the system must be written in Java). You should be able to think of quite a few user stories and non-functional requirements.

TIPS and additional Requirements

  • It will probably be easier to think of requirements from the perspective of the role of a student using Canvas, since that is your role. What other roles exist in Canvas? What requirements would you imagine they would have?

  • Look through the categories in the FURPS+ model to help identify non-functional requirements.

  • Make sure your documents is well organized to make it easier for the grader to check to see that you meet the requirements in the rubric.

  • You must work on this as a group for the whole lab period. I am not providing you with a minimum number to think of (although the TAs will have one when grading) because I do not want groups to reach that number and then leave. Groups that submit their assignment early, or leave early will lose points on the assignment.


You are required to work in a group for this assignment. Groups must contain either 3 or 4 students. Remember to work collaboratively, do not try divide and conquer. Only one students in each group should be typing the requirements into the document.

Submitting your file

You will submit your file using Canvas in the lab section you are enrolled in. Make sure to convert your file to a PDF to ensure it can be opened on the grader’s machine. This option is available in Word under File->Export. Make sure you have the name of all group members in the document.

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