Lab 1 Solution


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  • I have provided a full Javadoc API. You must write every class and method other than

  • This is an exercise in reading the API, understanding the API and following directions. You wil not write additional methods.

  • All parameters passed to a method will be final

  • All preconditions for the method will be checked

  • You may NOT assume the input file specified by the user exists. If it does not, print an error message and re-prompt the user for an input file name.

  • You must create an input file that allows you to sufficiently test the specifications of this lab. I have provided a small testing file that is NOT sufficient for your final testing.


A zip file, in Canvas, by the required due date containing:

  • all java files

  • the input file(s) used to test your program program

  • a test run named cscd211lab1out.txt – testing all aspects

  • A jar file containing your FileUtil and SortUtil class files.

We should be able to download the zip and compile your code, and then run your code.

  • Name your zip, your last name first letter of your first name (Example:

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