Lab 03 Solution


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Implement two functions specified in list.h. You need to fill in the

implementation in list.cpp:

bool insert(int position, int val, int intList[], int& size)

The above function will insert “val” at “position” of “intList” and

increment “size”.

When you insert an element at a position, you need to shift things down to

make space for it instead of simply overwriting it. For example,

[ ] //empty list

after insert 4 at position 0,

[ 4 ]

after insert 6 at position 0,

[6, 4]

after insert 10 at position 1,

[6, 10, 4]

bool remove(int position, int& val, int intList[], int& size)

The above function will remove the integer at “position” from “intList” and

return the value through “val” and decrement “size”. It returns false if

“position” is invalid.

In app.cpp, the function print is used to print the integers in the list. You

can use this information to check the accuracy of your code.

You can build the app using the make utility, which is supported by the file

named makefile provided in the directory. (Just type “make” in the directory

that contains your source code and it will compile your program.)

For lab03 submission use the turnin command to submit list.cpp

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