Individual Assignment 5 Solution



This assignment is submitted to D2L instead of WebCAT. See details below.

Create a graphical user interface using JavaFX for a very simple banking app. The app would allow the user to control their own account. The app must have

  • A label to display the current balance in your account.

  • A label to display the name of the account holder (the customer).

  • Two buttons: one labelled deposit and the other labelled withdraw.

  • A text field that allows you to specify the amount to deposit/withdraw.

When your JavaFX application is run, it may display a window that looks like the following:

Your app does not have to do anything when either of the buttons is pressed.


Submit you JavaFX class to the D2L Dropbox Individual Assignment 5. There are no automated tests for this assignment and there is no WebCAT assignment for this individual assignment.


Note: it is required that you use JavaFX. If you use any other GUI library, you will receive 0 marks. There are 4 marks available. You must get 3/4 to qualify for the full team assignment grade.

2 marks

1 mark

0 marks


All required widgets are in the

One or more widgets

window somewhere.

are missing.


Widgets are laid out such that

Layout seems

information, entry boxes and


buttons are easy to find.


The team assignment will require you to tie this to the BankAccount class you have created for previous assignments. Make sure you have a working version ready before class.

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