HW3 Iris Clustering Solution


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Read HW3 (Image Clustering) for instructions and deliverables.


This is the famous Iris dataset and serves as an easy benchmark for evaluation.

Test your K-Means Algorithm on this  easy dataset with 4 features

   1. sepal length in cm
   2. sepal width in cm
   3. petal length in cm
   4. petal width in cm
and 150 instances. 
Essentially assign the 150 instances in the test file  to 3 cluster ids given by 1, 2 or 3. 
The leaderboard will output the V-measure and this benchmark can be used as an easy step for the main HW3. 
The training data is a NULL FILE.
The file iris_new_data.txt, under "Test data," contains the data you use for clustering.
The format example is given by iris_format.tx.


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