HW2 Ch.3, 4 Solution


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Grading scheme (out of 100%)

  1. Exercise 3.1 (20%)

Explain why problem formulation must follow goal formulation.

  1. Choose either Exercise 3.10 or Exercise 3.19 (40%)

3.10Define in your own words the following terms: state, state space, search tree, search node, goal, action, transition model, and branching factor.

3.19Write a program that will take as input two Web page URLs and find a path of links from one to the other. What is an appropriate search strategy? Is bidirectional search a good idea? Could a search engine be used to implement a predecessor function?

  1. Choose either Exercise 4.1 (choose any four from the list of five) or implement and evaluate a hill climbing agent (40%)

4.1Give the name of the algorithm that results from each of the following special cases:

    1. Local beam search with k = 1.

    1. Local beam search with one initial state and no limit on the number of states retained.

    1. Simulated annealing with T = 0 at all times (and omitting the termination test).

d. Simulated annealing with T = ∞ at all mes.

e. Genetic algorithm with population size N = 1.

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