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  • Exercises

1.1 Describe in 2-3 sentences what you expect to achieve from this course.

  • Practicum problems

2.1 Problem 1

This exercise will ensure that you are comfortable with the mechanics of creating R notebooks and submitting the html from the notebook to Blackboard.

Create a new R notebook, name it hw0.Rmd. The first three lines of the notebook should be as follows (put your section number below as appropriate:

title: “CS 422 Section 01”

output: html_notebook

author: Me Student

1-A: Load the cars dataset and print it.

1-B: Plot the data in the cars dataset. Provide a title for the graph. The title should be “The Cars Dataset”.

1-C: Print a summary of the cars dataset using the R summary() command.

1-D: What is the maximum speed and minimum distance as shown in the summary() command?

2.2 Problem 2

Recall the “students.csv” file that you read in R-intro-1.r.

2-A: Read the file into a data frame and add a new row consisting of the following data to the existing rows:

name: Brad Pitt

id: 40051

gpa: 2.21

grade: C

Hint: search up rbind().

Save the notebook. Generate the html file (it will be called hw0.nb.html). Add the hw0.Rmd and hw0.nb.html files into the archive and upload the archive to Blackboard before the due date.

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