Homework 4 Create your own Function Solution



Create your own function in C that accepts one input number and returns a double number. The themes for the functions should be one of the following:

Calculates 3.14 times of the square of input number. For example, if 2 is input then 12.56 should be returned. (e.g. 3.14*2*2 = 12.56)

Divides the number by 3 and returns the result. For example, if 6 was input then 2.0 should be returned.

Squares the number and returns the result. For example, if 12.1 was entered then 146.41 would be returned.

You should provide both your C code and an example call to the C code function. Be sure to provide an overview of what your function is doing. Include header documentation in the code as well as internal code documentation.

Provide a screen capture showing the results of testing your code in an online compiler.

Be sure to test your code with several test cases and show your test case table.

Submit your word or PDF file, along with the C code to your assignments folder no later than the due date.

Grading guidelines



C code for simple function that accepts one input number and returns a double


number was provided and compiles without issue.

C code provided that correctly calls your simple function.


Screen captures of test cases represent a wide variety of possible input values


(e.g. large numbers, small numbers (0), negative, or unexpected non-number


Code includes Header and Internal Code documentation




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