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Marks Available: 25 (5% of final course mark)

(5 marks) Question 1. Briefly outline the evolution of Operating Systems from those used by the earliest stored program computers of the 1940s to their modern counterparts.

(5 marks) Question 2. In the following piece of C code, how many processes are created when it is executed? Explain your answer.

int main() {






(5 marks) Question 3. If an Operating System assigns an unsigned 32bit integer to store current time as the number of seconds elapsed since 00:00 on January 1 1970, is this likely to be a problem? Explain your answer.

(5 marks) Question 4. Describe how a web server might leverage multi-threading to improve performance. Include diagrams if you feel this will make your answer clearer.

(5 marks) Question 5. (a) In a multiprogrammed environment with 16MB of memory where all processes require 1MB of unshared memory and spend 60% of their time in I/O wait, calculate how much memory will remain unused when approximately 99% CPU utilization is achieved. (b) In the same multiprogrammed environment, if each process now requires 3MB of unshared memory, calculate the maximum achievable CPU utilization. Show all your work.


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