Assignment 4: (REQUIRES MyAccount.txt) Solution



Define an Account class that can be used to create (instantiate) different types of bank accounts:

Chequing, saving, Investment, loan, etc.

Class Account (object):

Each account will have these attributes but you can define others if you need.

1- Account type

2- Bank Name

3- Balance

The Account class should implement the necessary methods to create, delete, and print an account.

In addition, you need to define methods:

1- Withdraw

2- Deposit

You are keeping information for 1 customer only. A customer can have multiple accounts, and should

be able to keep track of all of his/her accounts. (Hint: you can create a list of accounts).

The following

operations are possible:

1- Create an account

2- Delete an account

3- Withdraw from an account

4- Deposit to an account

5- Display my accounts information: Bank Name, Account Type, balance.

6- Log my account information in a file. Include date and time.

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