Assignment 3: Page Replacement Solution



**Developers**: Diego Magdaleno, Shawn Chumbar, Sean Dow

## Installing the kernel files

There are three files that were changed and have to be moved back to the kernel source code:




You can copy these manually or simply run:

sudo make install

and the files will be copied to the directory `/usr/src/sys/vm/`. Please note that this will fail if the files already exist in the given directory. Running `sudo make uninstall` can delete these files for you, but be sure you have backups of the original kernel files first.

## Building the kernel

Once the files are in place, simply navigate to our repository and run:

sudo make kernel

This command should compile and then install kernel without your intervention. Once this is complete, simply reboot into the kernel.

## Benchmarks

To build the benchmark executable, run:

make benchmark

The executable will be compiled. To run it, simply type `./Benchmark`.

The benchmark runtime can vary significantly depending on the system, but shouldn’t take more than a minute. Once it’s complete, you can read the results in the console.

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