Assignment 1 Solution



In this assignment, you are to write an application that allows user to create a list of information about different photos. Information includes “name” tag for the photo, the date it was taken, and the name of its photographer. The information should be stored in a file or files on the device. The app should work as follows:

  • The starting screen should have 3 buttons: EnterInfo​,View​​,and Exit​​.

  • Pressing “​Enter Info​” should take the user to a new screen where they can enter a series

of information describing a photo: Name​ for the photo, the year​ it was taken, and the

name of its photographer​​.Selection of year should be from a drop down list of different years. The user may return to the starting screen through a “​Done​” button and the information they entered will be stored.

  • The “​View​” button displays all information about the photos stored in the application in a scrollable list. Information for each photo can be shown as one string.

  • The “​Exit​” button terminates the application, but makes sure that the list of photos will be stored first.

Note: For consistency you should use compile SDK version = 26, target SDK version = 26, and minimum SDK version = 16.

Submission Instruction:

  • Upload your complete Android Studio project directory in a .zip file format on Canvas.

  • Late submission policy:

    • 1 second to 24 hours: -25%

    • After 24 hours: -100%

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