Assignment 02 Solution



Write a C function that will be sent a single command line argument

that is the name of a directory (absolute or relative) and will then print out

the names of all files in the file hierarchy from that directory and below IN


It will first report all regular files, and then report and

recurse into directories afterwards.

If there is a failure because of permissions,

report that and proceed.

Please create a makefile. Be sure you compile with

these flags,

-Wall -Werror -g -o 3240Assignment2.

The program should

compile with the simple command ‘make’. I will run this program on a directory

structure of my own design, so please be sure to run the program with permission problems.

Note that you will need to use opendir(), readdir(), chdir() a stat() function

that does not follow symoblic links, the macros that identify file type, and

(probably) getcwd() to know the path of the directory you are investigating.

Please use a queue that contains the directory names that have not

yet been explored. The full path might be appropriate to store, but be sure your

program works when a relative path is given for argv[1] (e.g. ./3240Assignment2 testdir/)

Again please write a makefile for this.

Be sure your program will compile with the simple command ‘make’

You MUST compile with the flags -Wall -Werror

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