Written Assignment 6 Solution





The purpose of this assignment is to critique and then improve some parts of the paper \A O(


log(n)) Approximation Algorithms for Min UnCut, Min 2CNF Deletion, and Directed Cut Problems”. of this paper were distributed in class, while a pdf le with this paper can be found at the Assignments section of the course website.


We have discussed at length some basic rules and guidelines for choosing titles, for writing e ective abstracts of computer science articles, and for adhering to the elements of good technical writing.


State whether or not the title of this paper adheres to the guidelines for titles. Justify your answer. If you believe that the title violates one or more of the guidelines, then propose an alternative title that does not.


Identify all the guidelines that the abstract of this paper violates (there are several). Revise the abstract so that it adheres to the guidelines discussed as much as possible.


Consider De nition 1 in page 1 of the paper. Can this de nition be improved? If so, revise it accord-ingly.


Identity at least three other violations of the elements of good technical writing in the paper. These violations should be di erent from the ones discussed in class concerning De nition 3, De nition 6, and Theorem 6.1.


Use the LATEX fullpage package and 11pt font size.


Submit a zip  le with both the source LATEX  le and the pdf  le.




(All deadlines are before midnight)


Final draft due on Friday March 9, 2018.


Final review and peer grading due on Monday March 12, 2018.

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