Written Assignment #4 Solution




Part I: In addition to being a simple exercise in writing, the purpose of this part of the assignment is to familiarize you with the characteristics of some computer science journals and the articles published.


View the computer science journals published by { ACM http://dl.acm.org/pubs.cfm

{ Springer http://www.springer.com/us/computer-science/all-journals-in-computer-science


Pick one computer science journal from each of these two publishers that is di erent from the com-puter science journals discussed in class (Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM


Transactions on Database Systems, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems) and prepare a LATEX document that contains the following information for each journal you picked:


{ Name and URL of the journal, and name of the publisher. { Name of the Editor-in-Chief and size of the Editorial Board. { How often the journal is published.


{ Whether or not the journal has page limits of submitted articles. { Whether or not the journal has a double-blind reviewing policy.


{ Whether or not the journal has an open access policy; if so, describe it brie y.


{ At least one more piece of information about the journal that you nd of interest (e.g., the impact factor of the journal).


Part II: In this part of the assignment, you are asked to read and evaluate the slides of three keynote talks given at the 2015 EDBT/ICDT conference. These are the talks given by Graham Cormode, Wolfgang Lehnher, and Rasmus Pagh – they can be found at the Oral Presentations section under the Resources tab of the class webpage (there are also links to them from Slide 17 of Lecture 6).


Go over the slides of each of these keynote talks and examine the slides under the lens of the advice and suggestions given in class for preparing slides for talks.


Give a grade (A-D) to each set of the slides.


For each set of slides, write a brief evaluation (one or two paragraphs with positive and/or negative comments) in support of the grade you gave to that set of slides.


Please keep in mind that you are not evaluating the technical content of these talks; instead, you are only evaluation the organization of the talk and the overall e ectiveness of the slides.


Timetable and Submission Guidelines


(All deadlines are before midnight)


Final draft due on Wednesday February 7, 2018.


Final review and peer grading due on Saturday February 10, 2018. Note: You do not need to submit a draft version of this assignment.

Use the LATEX fullpage package and 11pt font size.


Submit a zip  le with both the source LATEX  le and the pdf  le.

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