Written Assignment 3 Solution




The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a ve to seven pages LATEX tutorial in which the basic features of LATEX are introduced and explained. The requirements for this assignment are as follows.


Modify the article document class, so that it produces two columns per page in 11pt font size. For this, use the command




Your document should have a title and your name as the author.


Your document should contain a short introductory section explaining what LATEX is all about and highlighting some of its features.


Your document should also include succinct information about the following features of LATEX. { Document classes (describe at least three).


{ How to make a title and a list of authors and their a liations (this should go beyond what was discussed in class).


{ Sections, subsections, sub-subsections, paragraphs, and their labeling.


{ Environments, including the tabular environment (describe at least three environments). { Mathematical formulas.


{ User-de ned macros (give at least three interesting examples, all di erent from the ones discussed in class).


{ Bibliography and citation.

{ At least one additional feature of LATEX that you nd worth including in your tutorial (e.g., creating gures, graphing data, making an index for a thesis or book).


Your document should contain a bibliography listing a few references with information about LATEX.




(All deadlines are before midnight)


First draft due on Saturday January 27, 2018.


Peer editing and feedback due on Tuesday January 30, 2018. Final draft due on Thursday February 1, 2018.


Final review and peer grading due on Saturday February 3, 2018.


What to submit


For the draft, please submit just the pdf  le with your tutorial.


For the  nal submission, please submit a zip  le containing the pdf  le, the source LATEX  le, and the


.bib  le with the references you used to generate the sample bibliography in your tutorial.




If you do not submit a draft assignment, you will not be allowed to submit the nal version of the assignment (and you will receive no credit for this assignment).


The text of the tutorial with the description of features should be your own – no copy-and-paste from other sources.

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