Written Assignment 2 Solution




Prepare a one-page cover letter to accompany your application for a (real or imaginary) job opening using the standard document class letter for LATEX.


Prepare a one-page resum  to accompany your application for the job opening. Make sure to include your contact information, job objective, education, experience, and any other information that will strengthen your application. For privacy reasons, feel free to use  ctitious contact information (address, phone, email), but do provide accurate information about your education, experience, achievements or


other credentials.

If you decide to use one of the many LATEX resume templates that can be found online, then please state so by including the proper reference at the bottom of your resum or on a separate page.




(All deadlines are before midnight)


First draft due on Saturday January 20, 2018


Peer editing and feedback due on Monday January 22, 2018 Final draft due on Wednesday January 24, 2018


Final review and peer grading due on Friday January 26, 2018.


What to submit


For the draft, please submit just a pdf  le with both the cover letter and the resum .


For the nal submission, please submit a zip le containing both the pdf les and the source LATEX les of the cover letter and the resum (separate les for the cover letter and the resume).

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