Real-Time Operating System Pro ject #2 Solution



Follow the outline given in Figure 2 − 28 of the textbook  and implement producer-consumer problem using shared memory and semaphores.  Your program  should copy a file named file1 to another  file named  f ile2 byte  by byte  through  a shared  buffer.  Your main process should fork two processes: one is producer  and another  is consumer.  The main process then pauses waiting for the  signals from its children.   The  producer’s  job is to move the  bytes  in f ile1 to a shared buffer (implemented by shared memory),  one byte at a time.  Insert  random  delay between two movings.  The consumer’s job is to move the  bytes  in the  shared  buffer to f ile2, one byte  at  a time.  You should also insert  random  delay between  two movings.


Whenever  the  producer  moves an  item  into  the  shared  buffer,  it  sends  a signal  to  main process.  Main process enters  a ”P”  in the monitoring  table. Similarly,  whenever the consumer moves an item  from the  shared  buffer,  it  sends a signal  to  main  process.   Main  process then enters a ”C” in the monitoring  table.  When producer  and consumer have copied the entire  file1, the consumer sends a signal to main process. Main process outputs the monitoring table.


Implement the  above in the  UNIX environment using C or C++ 1.  You may need system calls : signal, kill,  pause, sleep, semget, semctl, semop, shmget, shmat, shmctl, etc. When sending signals, you should use the two signals defined for users: SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 for the producer  and consumer  respectively.


NOTE:  Your  code should  be well documented so that others  may  read  and  understand your code.  You should  give instructions on how to run  your program,  as well as indicate  the machines you used.  The TA will test  your program  on UNIX Lab machines.

This  is an  INDIVIDUAL project.    You  should  work  independently and  submit  your  own program.   You should  email  your  program  to  the  TA  with  subject  title  ”ESE333  Project  2” before deadline.


1 The  following hints  can be helpful  to your  project:

– Read  the  manual page  for a system  call, e.g., ’man  signal’.  A detailed manual explaining the  system  call API

will be shown.

– A good URL on share  memory: memory-with-linux-in-c

– A book ”Advanced linux  programming, 2001”.  Inside  the  book, the following sections  are particularly useful:

-pg 52-55 3.3 signals:      On how to set signal  handlers

-pg 55 3.4 process  termination:     on how to use kill to send signal  to a process

-pg 96 5.1 shared  memory:       on how to create, attach, detach a shared  memory

-pg 101 5.2 processes  semaphores:     on how to create, operate, deallocate semaphores



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