Project 7 Hash Tables Solution




Part I:   The Hash Table


Your textbook introduces a chained hash table class,  Table.  You are to download node2.h, table2.h,

and complete the hash table implementation.


Part II:   The Customer Class


*Create  a class Customer which implements the specification below:


Instance data needed to be maintained by class Customer:

a Customer’s name (a string)

a Customer’s address (a string)

a Customer’s phone number.  THIS PUBLIC  member variable is to be named  key .  


Constructors needed:

Customer (string , string , int)

//constructor which accepts a name, address, and a phone number


Provide set and get functions for each piece of instance data.


Also provide a function which can be used to output a Customer object

ostream&  operator<<(ostream&,  const Customer& )



Part III:     Pizza Application 


 Write an application which can be used by Square Chair Pizza to store Customer info.  This application will store all Customer objects in a hash table, and provide the following functionality:


*   a new Customer can be entered ;  user first provides the Customer name, phone number and address


*   an existing Customer’s record can be retrieved ;  user provides the phone number


  • a Customer can be deleted ; user provides the phone number





You are to submit  your Customer.h, Customer.cpp, table2.h (include two hash functions, one can be commented out) ,  and  your test program.



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