Programming assignment 5 Solution




Complete the following 5 activities, answer the questions in each activity, and include the answers in a separate typed PDF document for each activity.


* You will submit 5 PDF files, one for each activity.

* Each PDF must have the answers to the questions numbered, be typed (not handwritten), and named according to the activity topic.

* For each question, include in the PDF *screenshots* of each requested chunk of information, with the information highlighted in red (drawn on the screenshot); these could easily be generated by using libreoffice/ms-office and copying screenshots into the document.

* Plain doc/docx/png/image files will not be accepted.

* For all labs, despite that some reference MS-Windows commands or procedures, all must be performed in the Kali VM used for this class, using Linux-equivalent commands.

* Where possible, use the `ip` command rather than the `ifconfig` command, which is now depricated.


The labs:

* Getting Started (no report required, just fyi):


* DNS:

* TCP:

* UDP:

* IP:


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