Programming Assignment 1 Solution




Write a Java program on the UNIX side of z /OS to compute ,and display  all numbers between 100 and 1  million which has the property that  the  sum of each digit raised to the power of the number of digits in  the number is equal the number. For example, one such number is 153 = 13+53+33 and another number is 9 , 474 = 9

4+44+74+44. Likewise 1,235 ≠14+24+34+54 and is not one of the numbers.

Your program must display all the numbers in the range with the property.

Your program display in the command line window must be one line for each number and the number must  be formatted using the comma separation. Name your folder as SpecialNumbers and the java program file as

The comment section of your java file must include your name, date, and a brief description. You may use IDz or the SSH client on Thor and the vieditor to work on the program on the mainframe. After completing the work on the mainframe and getting the results, copy the folder to yourlocal machine directory CS3321, zip the folder,and rename it as Please note that only .zip files will be graded. If the file cannot be unzipped at my end then it will not get graded.

How to turn in your work:

(1)Click on 2018 SP INTRO ENTERPRISE SYS (CS-3321-01)’

(2)Click on the left side item ‘Lessons->Assignments(Dropbox)

->Assignment 1’.

(3) Then click on ‘Browse My Computer’ and point to the compressed file your_last_, click open, and allow the server to upload your work, and click ‘Submit’ button. After that you can preview your submission to make sure that the intended file was turned in.


After you submit your assignment, you must verify by clicking on the ‘Browse My Collection’ button the content of the submission. If you find that you did accidently turn in a wrong file, please resubmit the correct file right away.

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