Program Design & Testing Document for Program 3+ Lyell C Read Solution




Problem Statement


This problem/assignment is asking me to construct a C++ program that:


  • Allows the user to play Zoo Tycoon


  • Uses classes to implement that game as follows:


  • Using a parent class that has the elements:


  • Age


  • Cost


  • Babies


  • Food Cost


  • Revenue


  • Using a class for each animal that has specific traits and values for the above elements, as it inherits from that parent.


  • The user must start with 100,000, be able to purchase animals.


  • The user can buy up to two adults of one species. Each turn can only see the user buy one species. Adults start at 3 years.


  • It costs a random amount to feed each animal per day.


  • The user must be the victim of a special event (described in guide)


  • Zoo goes bankrupt when the user runs out of cash


  • Classes must be for sea otter, sloth, monkey (inherit from animal) and zoo class.


  • Within Zoo, dynamically allocated array of all species of one kind makes up an exhibit.


  • No memory leaks


  • Use Makefile for compilation.


  • assume:


  • NOTHING! I will check every input, so nothing is assumed. This I will achieve by:


  • A program that uses classes to provide the user a fine game of Zoo Tycoon


  • Deallocating memory when done if it was dynamically allocated.



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