Program Design & Testing Document for Program 2 Lyell C Read Solution




Problem Statement


Write a text based C++ adventure game. This game will take input on the range (1,2) to make a choice for each step. The program must use at least 5 if statements, with at least 1 nested if. The game must include a ‘random’ element of chance, changing the progression of the game somehow, and must properly display errors and re-prompt the user if valid input is not entered. The progression of this program for each question will go as follows:


  • Use a while loop to keep the program running and to allow the user to restart.


  • Start with a welcome message, at the first location


  • For each location:


  • An option might be given, or the opportunity to experience a random event.


  • A function will be called to check user input


  • The random chance or user input will be evaluated to produce the desired result


  • The next location will start.


  • The game will ask the user if they want to restart at the end of the game.






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