Program Design & Testing Document for Program 2 Lyell C Read Solution




Problem Statement


This problem/assignment is asking me to construct a C++ program that:


  • Allows the user to play Go Fish


  • Uses classes to implement that game as follows:


  • Using a card class


  • Using a deck class that has an array of cards


  • Using a hand cards that has some cards


  • Using a player class that has a hand of cards


  • Using a Game class that has a deck and some players.


  • The program should, to this end, construct a deck of 52 cards, shuffle said deck to ensure random order, deal cards into a player’s hand, and play the game of GoFish.
  • The game should offer a play again option


  • The game should not leak any memory, or segfault.


  • The game should be factored into a .cpp file for each class used, as well as a header file and a gofish.cpp for the main() function. This will be compiled with a makefile.


  • Dat makefile must compile on


  • assume:


  • NOTHING! I will check every input, so nothing is assumed. This I will achieve by:


  • A program that uses classes to provide the user a fine game of Go Fish


  • Deallocating memory when done.



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