Program Design & Testing Document for Program 1 Lyell C Read Solution




Problem Statement


This problem/assignment is asking me to construct a C++ program that:


  • Takes one CLI arg


  • Interpret (read) from a file that has economic data in it


  • Interprets the format of that file and correctly allocates an array of structs (state) with subarrays of structs part of the state array that contains data for counties.


  • Deallocates the memory accurately.


  • Prints out specific sets of data by state, or shows the data for all the counties of a state.


  • Ask the user to repeat or what operation to do


  • Exit with an error if the CLI args are wrong (nonexistent, too many, none …)


  • Works and looks clean doing so.


I assume that:


  • The data file contains valid data in the valid format Everything else will be checked within the program. I will do this by:
  • Taking input from the user as to where the text file is


  • Turning that input into an array


  • Asking the user what they want to do, and doing that until they want to quit


  • Deallocate memory!



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