Mobile App Project Lab 03: Design Phase Solution



Purpose of Assignment

The Software Engineering course covers techniques for dealing with the complexity of software systems. We will focus on the technology of software engineering for the individual and small team, rather than business or management issues. This Mobile App project aims to provide an opportunity for students to analyze, design, develop, and deploy a mobile app that is sponsored by an industry partner. By end of this lab, you will be able to define the parameters of design phase of your mobile app project.


This phase of project aims to define a software design model of a system (your mobile app project) and it will provide some tools to accomplish this phase.

The design phase of software engineering start with using the output of previous phase (analysis phase). It maps the requirements (use cases) to the architecture of your software project. The architecture will provide the definition of user interfaces and components (based on use cases), and behavior of the system (based on state diagrams).

In order to show behavior of the system, we need to define a prototype of a software project. You can use the output of analysis phase (Lab #2) to produce a prototype of your software project (your mobile app). Several free online tools are available for designing a prototype as follows:

You may also use an IDE to design a prototype.

A class diagram shows the structure of information and their relationships in your software project. You can use the things from analysis phase (Lab #2) to define a class diagram. Each class composed of one or several elements. Each class may have one or multiple relationship with other classes. Each class may have one or multiple child classes that allows the child(s) to use the features of one or multiple parents.

Reference: Chapter 9: Design Engineering from the recommended text book (Software Engineering. A Practitioner’s Approach by Roger Pressman).

Lab #03 Assignment Rubric:

1- A summary of project progress report (20 points)

2- A prototype of your mobile app that shows all screens of your mobile app from login scenario to log out scenario. It will show the behavior of your mobile app based on all defined scenarios but it does not need to be implemented (we do not need code at this phase). (40 point)

3- A class diagram of your data/system structure generated by prototype design tools or IDE. You must not use document editors such as MS Word or Power Point (except MS Visio) or by hand to draw the diagram. Refer to lecture slides for details on class diagram. (40 points)

  • Each team member MUST contribute at least ONE class diagram of the components he/she is responsible for. Put your name in the diagram document.

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