Lab #1 solution




The Problem:  Write an assembly language program for the WTAMU assembLy Language (WALL) simulator that calculates and stores the sum of the first N integers.




Your program should be developed and saved in the file lab01.wall.

If you use the editor accompanying the machine simulator, ensure that you have selected a monospaced font and that you have selected 16 as the font scaling.

In your program, use R1 to hold the constant -1.  Handle your running sum in register RA. Store the result in memory location Sum.

Use R2 to hold the loop control variable.

Your program structure MUST match the below partial implementation.  Everywhere you see <  with some text >, you should replace < with some text > with appropriate information.


NOTE:  Below is copyable/pastable.



# FILE: lab01.wall


# PURPOSE: <complete with general statement of program’s

#           purpose>


# PROGRAMMER:  <Student’s name>


# DATE COMPLETED: <enter date in form Month day,2018>




sip    main

org    0x50

N:              db     10

Sum:            bss    1


org    0x00

main:           load   R1,-1     # constant -1


Submission:  The only submission for this lab is the file lab01.wall.


The algorithm you must implement is following where the symbol <- is the assignment operator:


N <- 10

Sum <- 0

i <- N


Sum <- Sum + i

i <- i – 1

while i != 0

Store Sum

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