HW2 Decision Tree programming Solution




In this assignment, you will implement id3, the decision tree algorithm. Once you finish id3, you will be able to test your code by running it on multiple datasets and see corresponding decision trees generated by your implementation.


Starter Code:


  • py write your code here
  • py do NOT modify this file




  • 3 datasets(train & test) along with 1 validation set are provided
  • use ‘python id3.py <train> <test> <model>’ to test your code. The <model> argument specifies the file name in which generated model is saved.


  • Online unittest, visit “http://ix.cs.uoregon.edu/~gzhang7/hw2-upload.html” and follow the instruction. Try to pass all 12 tests before submitting.




– use python 2.7

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