Homework 06 Solution




Create and plot the worst RedBlack Tree with height of 6.


Q2:Code the binarySearch method of the BTree.


Q3: Complete the AVL Tree class by adding a new constructor that takes a binary tree and checks whether this tree is AVL tree or not. Complete the AVL Tree class by providing the missing methods for removal. Demonstrate that these methods work. Review the changes required for methods decrementBalance, incrementBalance, rebalanceleft, and rebalanceRight discussed at the end of Section 9 .2. Also, modify rebalanceleft (and rebalanceRight) to consider the cases where the left (right) subtree is balanced. This case can result when there is a removal from the right (left) subtree that causes the critical imbalance to occur. This is still a Left-Left (RightRight) case, but after the rotation the overall balances are not zero. This is illustrated in Figures 9.70 and 9.71 where an item is removed from subtree c.

In addition, the Left-Right



(or  Right-Left) case can


have a case in which the




(Right-Left)     subtree     is


balanced.   In   this     case,


after the double rotation is


performed,   all    balances


are         zero.         This        is


illustrated in Figures 9.72


through 9.74.


Book Student source code:








  • Obey OOP principles and clean code standarts.


  • Write a main and maintest classes for each question.


  • Your submission is studentnumber.zip and include following files:


  • o intelliJ project file


  • Q1 folder


  • Q2 folder


  • Q3 folder


  • o Report.pdf


  • o Javadoc


  • The report must be in format “ReportFormat_hw6”


  • For contact and questions “fesirci@gtu.edu.tr”

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