Assignment #2 UML Use Case Modeling Solution



In this assignment, you will practice developing UML Use Case models to describe

system requirements.


This assignment does not require any coding. You can draw Use Case models by

hand, or by using any software tool of your choosing.


Part 1 (3 points):

Design a UML Use Case model to specify the code you developed in the previous



Part 2 (7 points):

Design a UML Use Case model for a complete Battle Ship game. You can use a

specific Battle Ship game or use a hypothetical one as a reference.


Your Use Case model should contain at least 10 Use Cases and demonstrate all Use

Case Model elements, such as <<include>> and <<extend>>. And, chose any two Use Cases and create a Use Case scenario. The Use Case Scenario should define the interactions between the User and the System, and define any alternative or exceptional scenarios.


Evaluation Criteria

Your assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria.


  • Correct: Proper use of modeling notation, correct identification of key system

use cases.

  • Consistent: Are the different use cases consistent with each other?
  • Unambiguous: Is the use case model clear? Are there any ambiguities, or aspects

that can have multiple interpretations?

  • Complete: Does the model cover in sufficient depth the battle ship game?


Submission Guideline

Submit a single PDF document on BBlearn.

Submit by the due date, no late submissions are accepted.


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