Strings and Arrays Solution




  1. [Case Table] Write a program that asks the user to enter a score and prints the letter grade based on the score (see table below). The program should display your numerical grade as well as the letter grade. You should reference the section of the text that discusses Table Driven Selection. Use the following data as a guide for letter grade and score range association:


Score Range Letter Grade
89 – 100 A
79 – 88 B
69 – 78 C
59 – 68 D
0 – 58 F


Please embed your code into your homework submission along with a screen shot post execution. Your program should



  1. [Strings] Write an x86 procedure that implements the Unix strcpy procedure.


void strcpy(char * src, char *dst){

While (*dst++= *src);



Use a main program to call your procedure with your name as a string, a one character string and a zero character string.   Provide screen shots of the runs along with your program.



  1. [General Programming] Write a program that converts the temperature F in Farenheit to C in Celsius using C = (F-32)*5/9. For ease of programming you can display the result in fractions, i.e. C = 20 1/9 (no need to use floats, just display the quotient, the slash character and the digit 9).  Show the runs for freezing, boiling point, room temperature and human body temperature.   Provide screen shots of the runs along with your program.

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