Lab 10: Stored Procedure Solution




To write some cool stored procedures in PostgreSQL.
Marist asks you to improve class registration.
Create tables for courses and their prerequisites from the script on our web site at
Write two functions (stored procedures) that take an integer course number as their only
1. func1on PreReqsFor(courseNum) – Returns the immediate prerequisites for the
passed-in course number.
2. func1on IsPreReqFor(courseNum) – Returns the courses for which the passed-in course
number is an immediate pre-requisite.
Optional Challenge:
Demonstrate Jedi-level skills and write a third, recursive, function that takes a passed-in
course number and generates all of its prerequisites. Uses the Sirst two functions you
wrote and recursion.
Chapters 9.4 and 10.2 in our text
Stack OverSlow –

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