NETW 562 Final Exam Keller (Best price and Top Grade Guaranteed)




NETW 562 Final Exam Keller (Best price and Top Grade Guaranteed)



(TCO A) Explain how a wireless handset initiates a call.  When a mobile phone is powered up, it registers, or identifies itself to a base station. Information about a phone such as the…   (TCO B) Give an example of a mobile marketing campaign utilizing a mobile wireless application. How does the campaign capitalize on the mobile factor?   Mobile Marketing is just another way of reaching out to target consumers via mobile devices and…   (TCO B) List and explain three prominent applications of WDAs, and the markets where they are used.   I-MODE – iMode was the original mobile data technology. iMode mobile Internet technology was introduced in Japan in…   (TCO C) Explain the effects of J2ME and BREW on mobile application development.   BREW and J2ME are intended to provide a standard protocol for downloading executable applications to…   (TCO C) What role can Java play in enhancing the mobile shopping experience?   Java reduces the cost of downloading and developing moving images that are written in HTML because….   (TCO D) Discuss why a company would deploy WDAs versus laptops.   A mobility increase production in most enterprise but the same doesn’t apply to others due to some…   (TCO D) Describe 2 challenges of managing mobile devices in the enterprise.   Two key challenges IT department faces in managing Mobile device in an enterprise are: Mobile applications compatibilities and…   (TCO E) Give 3 reasons why WDAs pose a security risk when used on corporate intranets?   Three of these reasons are that passwords are not always…   (TCO F) What are the issues faced when designing mobile device hardware, e.g. handsets, PDAs for the mobile workplace?   Mobile Intranet services may represent the largest potential market for Internet-compatible phones. As firms build and…   (TCO F) What trends are taking place that make wireless handsets more usable for currency, tickets, or “mobile wallets”?   Phones represent a new form of money and ticket that will continue to reduce the importance of physical cash and…   (TCO G) Define OTA and describe what impact it will have upon the development and deployment of WDAs.   An OTA update, or over-the-air update, is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and…   (TCO G) Explain how 3G networks and a dual mode mobile handset (Wi-Fi and CDMA) are potential disrupters for wireless companies such as Verizon or Sprint.   3G networks and dual mode mobile handsets can disrupt wireless companies’ wireless networking performance because…

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