Authority Records Exercise Solved


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Authority Records Exercise
Search Authority Records
• Access the Library of Congress Authorities database at
http://autho to complete this exercise.
• Copy the records from LC and paste them to your document. Be certain to
include the LC Control Number and 1xx, 3xx, 4xx, 670 in your pasted work.
Please delete the 0xx fields and 9xx fields from your record to save paper
and scrolling.
Part IA: Personal Name Authorities
Joseph, a biblical figure in the Old Testament
Charles I, King of England
Henri Rousseau
Harper Lee
Part IB: Corporate Name Authorities
The rock music band Chicago, famous for songs like 25 or 6 to 4 and
Saturday in the park
[A note about searching strategy: Look up Chicago as a name in LC Authorities,
and you will find a huge number of entries that begin with the word Chicago.
Instead of scrolling through who knows how many of them (and looking at some of
them to see if it is the right one), consider a different strategy. Note the
qualification (Musician) in the authority record for the rap musician above. Could
there be a qualifier for a group like Chicago and other musical organizations? How
would you find out what it is? Suggestion: look up the name of another band, one
with a name that is really distinctive, one that would be easy to find in the
authority file. Is there a qualifier? Now retry the search for Chicago using the
A music group called French Connection
USS Alabama
Part IC: Meeting/Conference/Event Name Authorities
World Peace Congress held in Thailand
World Environmental and Water Resources Congress in Austin, TX

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