Homework 11 Solution



Progress Report

This assignment has two components: Progress Report and Hack. In this section, the Progress Report, you must report on a game and hack you plan to add to the game. In your report you should include ways you might expect the game to handle some behavior and how you might decide to change it to become your hack.

For example, in the demo in class, health was being lost, so we expected to see a subtraction occurring, we only saw one subs instruction in the part of coverage that we looked at. Then we need to plan how to avoid the subs by replacing with a NOP.

This does not have to be your nal hack but you should brainstorm and research this a little. An alternative option for a hack will be o ered later as an option in case you nd your original too di cult. Other details and resources are in the Slack

  1. Below describe your plans. Solution:


This may be left blank when submitting the Progress Report. The Progress Report should be included in your nal submission.

  1. Below describe how you achieved your hack and any di culties or things you learned through the process. Thoughts on the assignment are welcome!


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