Solved: Item Shipping Calculator program




Solved: Item Shipping Calculator program

Write a Item Shipping Calculator program that does the following:

Prompt and retrieve the following input from the user (through the console):

Item name
Is the item fragile (add in $2.00 if the item is fragile)
The order total (without shipping)
The destination to which the item will be shipped (USA, Canada, Australia)

Use the following table to determine the calculations to perform:

If the item is fragile add $2.00 to the shipping cost.

Format the output exactly as in the following image:

To receive full credit the following requirements must be met:

There can be no magic numbers in your program. All static values must be defined as constants.

If the user enters an incorrect value for the question “Is the item fragile” or “Please enter your destination” the program should indicate that an incorrect value was entered and then exit the program as in the following image.

The Program should perform as intended with either uppercase or lowercase text entry (e.g. the user can enter either “y” or Y”).

Use stream manipulators and not hard-coded white space to format your output.

The program should not only write to the console window but also to a file named “Order.txt

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