Solved: GoBank has been asked to go back and reprocess…




Solved: GoBank has been asked to go back and reprocess…

GoBank has been asked to go back and reprocess the loan payments for a car loan of $18,875. The car loan is a 0% interest loan. The loan is for 60 months. The customer does not believe the bank has the correct outstanding balance for her loan ($12,500). The customer has copies of 20 payments made to the bank. A clerk makes a copy of the payments and enters them into a file. To verify the banks total, read the file and write a program using a CarLoan class that extends the BankAccount class (found on page 671 – 672 in the textbook). The CarLoan class has the following features. 1) An overload constructor that initializes the car loan balance. (Hint: Uses super to set the balance.) Create a CarLoanClient class that Create CarLoan object (see CheckingAccountClient line 9 on page 667). Read the file one payment at a time (Include exception handling code see example on page 755). Use the payment read from the file to pass the information to method to calculate the outstanding balance. Hint: Use the withdrawal method. Printout the payment number, payment amount and outstanding balance. Continue to process for each payment until the end of the file. Create a text file with the following numbers. Monthly Payment 315 451 315 374 353 315 450 484 412 315 495 476 321 315 406 329 326 356 315 325


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